Excitement at Werner Park as the Owls won their home opener on Saturday

Jay Mims knows what he’s doing or, at the very least, knows and understands the type of talent Union Omaha has. Having three in the back last Saturday was enough to get a clean sheet, but it yielded very little offense. So, they switched it up. Against North Texas SC, the Owls decided to go four in the back while letting the midfielders and forwards apply constant pressure and secured the club’s first-ever win.

The high press in the first half produced quite a few chances that the Owls were, unfortunately, unable to capitalize on. Still, you had the feeling that they would eventually be rewarded for their efforts. That said, when North Texas created space on the wings, their speed definitely put Union Omaha on their heels.

But, on this night at Werner Park, the speed and youth of North Texas were effectively dismantled by Union Omaha’s change in tactics from a week ago. In the 73 minute, Evan Conway found himself on the receiving end of a perfect pass by Ethan Vanacore-Decker. Conway nicked the ball past Luis Zamudio to put the Owls up one-nil.

That would be the final score line as the Owls take all three points and claim the fourth spot in the league standings. Saturday night did not disappoint. The title of this piece says it all: excitement. I would also add high energy. These two clubs went after each other for the full 90 minutes.

I’m all in on the high press from the Owls. A bit rough and reckless at times, but this team may have found their identity. But, time will tell if such a strategy can be sustained for a full season.