Episode: San Antonio…Something New

The Collective are back together on this week’s episode. On this week’s episode, Chris Walker and Patrick Baca get into the Conference Preview for The Enchanted XI and later in the episode, Veronica Zavala joins them on The Weekly discussion on New Mexico United. 

But first, “Guess The Mystery Donut” takes center stage as Chris mentions that he ordered donuts via Door Dash and he wondered what the “Surprise Me” donut would end up being. Patrick and Veronica each try their hand at guessing what it would be. 

The Collective shifted the conversation towards the release of the 2022 World Cup Kits for each Country and it was like an episode of “Wear This, Not That.” Patrick talks about his love for history, Veronica talks what caught her eye, and Chris felt like Guy Fieri was Argentina’s design inspiration. The conversation shifted to FIFA 23 and whether anyone was going to buy the game. Chris is committing to the purchase of the game, but he also bought 22 and never opened it. He plans to share his experience. 

Chris and Patrick preview Conference play on this week’s edition of The Enchanted XI. Chris talks about Eastern New Mexico University and University of New Mexico’s schedules, key games, and Lobos Jadyn Edwards nomination for the Missouri Athletic Club Hermann Trophy Watch List. Edwards is one of 60 players up for being recognized as Top Women’s Collegiate Player of the Year. Patrick talks New Mexico State and New Mexico Highlands. They talk latest results, establishing The Enchanted XI Offensive/Defensive Player of the Week, Goal of the Month, and End of the Season All-Enchanted XI.

Lastly, the Collective talked about New Mexico United’s latest results at Toyota Field against top-table team, San Antonio FC. Surprisingly, the 1-1 Draw made for great round-table discussion on United’s playoff potential and some of Head Coach Zack Prince’s Zen may in fact have kept the yellow and black in the game. We enjoyed this week’s show and we hope that you enjoy it and share it with your crew. 


  • 2022 World Cup Kit Analysis (10:00)
  • Fifa 22 Who Gonna Play? (35:00)
  • USL News (44:40)
  • Break Music By NoEFX Song GO (51:40)
  • The Enchanted XI (52:17)
  • New Mexico United (1:43:06)
  • What Would Zack Say (1:57:42)
  • The Other teams  (2:13:39)

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