Episode 30 with QC Chronicle and The Charlotte Post

I’m excited to share a brand new experience from a new perspective! Join me in episode 30 where I have my first media outlets, QC Chronicle ( The #1 Footy source in Charlotte) and The Charlotte Post (‘The Voice of the African American Community in Charlotte”) share incredible insight on their impact in Charlotte! Hear how they got started, what struggles they’ve had throughout the years and what they think of Footy here in the Queen City. You Also get to listen To insight on their meetings with the new Charlotte independence MLS team in 2021, what they think about the future of Mens and women’s Footy in this city/Country. We also talk about the Independence and how they plan to keep growing in the future, plus many more topics, you don’t want to miss. Subscribe, Rate and let me know what you think!

As I mentioned before, I recently partnered with “Espn 730 the game “ the sports radio show here in Charlotte, bringing my show to their soccer department. watch on youtube to watch us record in their studios and Tune into their site to catch my show there as well.

A huge thanks to QC Chronicle and The Charlotte Post for joining me!

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Rate, comment, subscribe and let me know what you think!
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