Ep 32: The Independence Crew with Brandon Miller and Clay Dimick

I’m excited to share a brand new experience from new perspectives! Join me in episode 32 where I have my Independence teammates Brandon Miller and Clay Dimick give a recap on the 1st game, what they do off the field to make an impact in the game, the importance of Footy in this city, we recap other USL Championship games from the 1st weekend and how they plan on growing Footy here in the Queen City. A great episode with great energy!

This is a previously recorded episode! Due to the virus, the season is postponed, so you will hear talks about life before the news broke out nor will you get footage of the home opener. Stay safe and clean I have more exciting guests on the way. Subscribe, Rate and let me know what you think!

A huge thanks to Brandon and Clay from the Independence for joining me!

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Rate, comment, subscribe and let me know what you think!
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