A Discussion about Race and #BlackLivesMatter

To help spur a conversation about race and #BlackLivesMatter we welcomed in several panelists to share their thoughts, stories, and experiences. Our very own Chris Walker hosted the conversation. We talked to Jason Weintraub of HomeSweetSoccer.com and a host of BGN’s League One Fun. Elliot Barr of RiverCity93 podcast also on the BGN joined us as well. One of the main voices behind BGN Carson A. Merk to add his perspective. He put together an article sharing several USL player’s thoughts. This article is linked at the bottom.

The panel was very candid about the experiences in their communities. They highlighted what protests looked like where each of them live. After that the conversation flowed into a discussion about race and racism. Next, they discussed their responses to the sporting community. They called out teams that are doing it right and teams that need to do more. After that, the panel had some suggestions on what people can do in their own communities. This included what you should demand in a team’s front offices and support staff.

Lastly, 2e recognize that there was a large voice missing in this discussion and we are committed to making sure that voice is heard. When the black female voice is missing, we know we are not getting the full story. Fair Weather Podcast has made a donation to March for Black Womxn San Diego. This is to make a small gesture and promise to do more.

Continuing the Conversation about Black Lives Matter:

BGN’s article “Black Lives Matter: USL players speak out

USL Championship has several articles by Hugh Roberts, Radhi Jaidi, and Kai Greene

Jason Weintraub’s article on USL League 1’s site: “3 Ways to Get Involved

Elliot Barr also mentioned “The Mis-Education of the Negro” by Carter Goodwin Wilson

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Alan Underwood

Alan lives in San Diego with his wife and their dogs. You might hear one on a podcast from time to time. He covers Orange County Soccer Club for BGN's Orange and Black SoccerCast and started Fair Weather Podcast to cover San Diego Loyal Soccer Club.