Collin Martin and Playing for Pride

This week Alan and Marisa had a lovely chat with San Diego Loyal’s Collin Martin. Marisa and Alan chatted a little bit about San Diego’s group and schedule. More on that next week.

Collin was nice enough to come on and talk about his career. We started with his youth career and what it was like to work with Tab Ramos. He had some fun stories to share from crossing paths with the respected coach. He was very open in discussing both the successes and set backs.

Alan nerds out a little, because his first MLS game in person came just days after a very important occasion in Collin’s life and career. Collin talks about what it was like to share his personal story. He also shares what the response from the community meant to him.

Next, Collin talked about his journey to San Diego. He talks about what he hopes to do in the community and how he wants to connect to San Diego. After that we talk about Playing For Pride. It is an important movement and fundraiser every year. We challenge you to match our donation of $55 here. We also chat about breakfast food, NWSL, and he shares a message with the San Diego community.

Last, we mention San Diego Loyal’s Together San Diego is selling Black Lives Matter shirt. You can get that here. Proceeds go to the Association of African American Educators of San Diego.

San Diego’s supporters group The Locals are selling a shirt to help raise money for Athlete Ally and Playing for Pride. You can buy those shirts here.

Thank you to our guest Collin Martin for coming on!

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Alan Underwood

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