BYF Footy Documentaries part 2 with Simon Dawkins

Whats up Footy fans! I have another edition of the Documentary series where I share brand new behind the scenes perspectives from Monterey Bay Fc players. Partnering with Autentico films and Reyes films, we were able to bring you high quality visuals into new perspectives that bring out the uniqueness in athletes.

It was an incredible honor having Simon Dawkins join me and share his experiences playing professionally for his childhood club Tottenham Hotspur Fc then playing in world cup qualifiers for the Jamaican National team and his grind to becoming a pro! He’s a pioneer for his community, being one of the first from the Premier League to cross the pond to America and play in the @mls .

He’s someone who’s overcome mountains of obstacles, you don’t want to miss his amazing story!  He’s a San jose Earthquakes legend, helping them win their last MLS cup, A local icon, it was an honor to have him join. Simon, currently plays for Monterey Bay FC in Monterey, California and is in his 2nd year with the club and 18th year as a pro.

Listen to us discuss:

  • His Journey to Pro
  • The differences in the Premier league system and American system
  • His mental fortitude overcoming racial abuse and overcoming obstacles
  • The impact he has in his community
  • His 1st year experience in Monterey

+ Many more topics you don’t want to miss! Stay tuned for more episodes.

Simon Dawkins profile:

  • Hometown: London, England
  • Years Pro:18
  • Previous Club: San Jose Earthquakes
  • Insagram: Simondawkins8

A very exciting episode i’m proud to share! Lots of insightful information you won’t get anywhere else, an episode everyone can learn from. Thank you for tuning in!

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