Andrew Vassiliadis returns

Marisa, Chris, and Alan welcome in Andrew Vassiliadis to help kick off our first home match. They had a great interview, but first the team chats about what’s going on. They also talk about the tough loss of the week. The dropped all three points after losing 2-1 to Louisville (or llllvlll).

After they talked a little bit about the week, they talked about what they were hoping for. San Diego returns home for the first time in front of fans for the first time since last March. They talk a little bit about that match with Andrew Vassiliadis as he comes back again.

It was a comprehensive interview that spanned lessons learned about preseason to mid game snacks. Andrew opened up about the start of the season and how they hope to honor both the season ticket holders and members of the community throughout the season.

Along the way, we talked about new owner DeAndre Yedlin and how Andrew hopes the team becomes a staple in the community by really serving the community. His candid and transparent answers were refreshing to hear from ownership. There are some motorsports questions at the end of the interview for some nice change of pace.

We want to thank Andrew Vassiliadis for his time and we can’t wait to see him out DJing at a Bum Tailgate party soon.

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Alan Underwood

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