With Alex Zheng, is Phoenix Rising MLS-Bound? 

With Alex Zheng, is Phoenix Rising MLS-Bound? 

The biggest story for Phoenix Rising FC happened off the field this week, as billionaire hotel mogul Alex Zheng officially joined the Board of Directors. Dom and Kyle discuss what Zheng brings to the table besides money, and why #PHX2MLS finally feels inevitable (0:30-8:50).

They then recap Saturday night’s entertaining match against New York Red Bulls (8:50-29:30), discuss some team transfers (29:30-33:30), other USL scores (33:30-41:10), and tackle Supporters Section Questions (41:10-51:45).

After Kyle and Dominic wrap it up, we leave you with Jeff’s thoughts on the match, and post-match interviews with Coach Carteron and three players. (56:00-End). Enjoy!


Mike Sparks

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