A Midfielder That Sparkles

Hartford Athletic midfielder Noah Paravicini joins the show with an interview that sparkles.  Myke becomes the voice of the eUSL FIFA Top Ten and a ton more eSports from both the Athletic and Hartford City.  Oh, and a toddler invasion for the ages!

Have you been paying attention to the eUSL or Lower League Cup FIFA leagues?  How did you enjoy the USL’s Rocket League tournament on ESPN?  Are you watching more eSports and do you see them an alternative to actual sports considering the current pandemic?  Let us know, we’d love to hear from you, leave us a message at (512) NUTMEGS or tweet at us @nutmeg_state.

A huge thanks to Noah Paravicini for stopping by and giving us his life story from California to Dartmouth to Hartford.   We can’t wait for him to get started and have the all the Athletic supporters behind him… especially if they make that Tifo!

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