A 10 men win and Coach of the Month

Marisa and Alan are back this week to talk about the 10 men win and other news. They start with some team adjacent knews. In honor of our resident seltzer expert, we talk about the new Stone Brewing seltzer line up. Marisa gives her opinion and ranks their efforts.

Next, they talk about Landon Donovan winning the “Coach of the Month” award for June. Of course he was quick to point out that others helped him. This was well deserved as Loyal hasn’t lost a match in 9 games. They are on a roll and LD has a lot to do with that.

After that, the team talked about the most recent home win. This time it was a stunning rally. The team was down to 10 men, but somehow scored twice in 2 minutes to get all three points. Marisa talks about her observations of the crowd and the atmosphere. Alan then talks about some of the tactics. Next, he breaks down some of what happened to OCSC and some of the defensive deficiencies. Not to mention the good news around the first Grant Stoneman yellow.

Lastly, they talk about the next match against Pacific rivals Phoenix Rising. They give some stats and how this game may be closer than everyone thinks. This is the last matchup between these two teams, so it’ll be one to watch for sure. Hopefully San Diego can get a win and no have to do it with only 10 men.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, get on it. You can even sit in the Loud and Proud section. This game will be our PRIDE Night for San Diego Loyal. So be Loud and Proud.

Marisa makes an important announcement.

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Alan Underwood

Alan lives in San Diego with his wife and their dogs. You might hear one on a podcast from time to time. He covers Orange County Soccer Club for BGN's Orange and Black SoccerCast and started Fair Weather Podcast to cover San Diego Loyal Soccer Club.