3PL – Premier League Podcast – Week 11

The guys are back with a new name and new home! What was the Mon Goals Premier League Show is now the 3PL Podcast.

Together they recap all of the weekend’s action, including:

  • Chelsea’s public spanking of Everton (sorry Josh)
  • The (kinda) riveting 1-1 North London Darby
  • Liverpool proving that you don’t need a defense to be the #1 team in the league
  • PK style rapid fire recaps of the rest of the games
  • Pittsburgh’s EPL Supporter’s Tourney
  • Tips on how to spend the upcoming International Break Weekend

And much, much more.

Below is a pic of the Spurs team Mike played on for the EPL Supporter’s Tourney (can you guess which one he is?). Big thanks to friend of the show John Hupp (back row) for getting not one, but two Spurs teams together.

Spurs EPL Supporter's Tourney

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Enjoy the Internal Break (as much as one can)!


Mike Sparks

In addition to watching, coaching, and occasionally playing soccer, Mike also enjoys talking all things soccer over at the Mon Goals podcast. Go give the show a listen and let him know what you think