1-on-1 with USL NM’s first coach and technical director, Troy Lesesne

Troy Lesesne was introduced as the first-ever head coach and technical director of USL New Mexico last month.

In August, USL New Mexico announced Troy Lesesne as their head coach and technical director ahead of their inaugural season in 2019. We were lucky enough to catch up with the 34-year-old former USL assistant a few weeks after his hire was announced.

Beautiful Game Network: It’s been a little while since you were officially announced as the first head coach and technical director in USL New Mexico’s history. What is something you have learned about our country’s 47th state so far?

Troy Lesesne: During my first two weeks on the job, the main takeaway I’ve had is how much pride this community has in the state of New Mexico. It’s our mission to create a club and a product on the field that will enhance this feeling.

BGN: You’ve been an assistant with the College of Charleston, Charlotte Independence, and Charleston Battery. What do you think the biggest adjustment will be as you become the head coach?

TL: As an assistant, you’re in a position where you’re providing your opinion in the decision-making process. As a head coach, the decisions are ultimately yours, so it will be different, but exciting, being on the other side of this process.

BGN: Going back to your time as an assistant, and even as a player, you had the pleasure of working with some elite head coaches. Which coaches made the biggest impact on your career?

TL: I’ve been fortunate to have a number of coaches who have been mentors to me over the last 14 years. I’ve worked with Ralph Lundy, Mike Anhaeuser, Carl Robinson, and Mike Jeffries. Those are four coaches that are arguably the best at each of their respective levels. When you think about it that way, I wouldn’t have been doing my job as an assistant if I didn’t maximize my time with each of these coaches. They each played an important role in my path towards this head coaching role.

BGN: As an assistant, you can help establish a team’s identity. Now as the head coach and technical director, you will be able to completely create USL New Mexico’s on your own. How would you describe your ideal style of play?

TL: We will have a proactive approach to the game where we will look to take the initiative, both in possession and out of possession. We want to have the ball as much as possible while putting a priority on creating chances. When we don’t have the ball, we will work extremely hard to retain possession as quickly as possible. Overall, we will prepare and compete relentlessly towards our goal of producing an entertaining brand for New Mexico.

BGN: In creating an identity, you will also be creating the roster. How do you plan to balance proven veterans, young players, etc.?

TL: This side will have a healthy balance of experienced veterans combined with a youth component where we hope to continually evolve tapping into our local community.

BGN: Speaking of age, you are a very young head coach at only 34 years old. How do you establish yourself as the boss with players close to your age or even older?

TL: Developing relationships and showing a genuine concern for a player’s development, both on and off the field, is the foundation of my coaching philosophy. Where there’s a connection, there’s trust, and where there’s trust I believe, there are great results. This is how I will establish myself as a leader.


Photo courtesy of USL New Mexico

Carson A Merk

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